Security Services

Few London based concierge services are able to boast the levels of security offered by Category A Services. This is because our close protection security services are delivered exclusively to members of Royalty, ex- and currently serving heads of state and high net worth individuals who need a level of protection that can only be provided by the likes of the British Royal Protection Service.

Our men and women are drawn from the highest ranks of British ex- police and armed forces because we take our clients’ concerns very seriously and recognise the genuine need for high security protection services in today’s climate. We are more than equipped to offer exceptionally tight VIP security services through our partnership with Vida Security. So therefore rest assure that you will receive protection from some of the best trained security personnel throughout the world.

You can also count on us for a service that is discrete and confidential and also flexible to meet any scenario. It could be a business or personal appointment, or even a high profile Red Carpet scenario and other instances where you need to be in the public eye but still require full protection. We appreciate each client’s individual need when it comes to security so whether it’s an individual close protection guard situation or high security for the whole family or a larger number of individuals, we can find the solution to ensure an experience which guarantees the client feels safe and comfortable in their environment.

As well as being able to offer both male and female close protection officers, we also benefit from Vida Security’s commitment to the highest levels of vetting for all employees. Our security protection teams are highly experienced ex-army or ex-police personnel and so come with a dedication to their profession, and real life experience you will benefit from.