Hotels & Entertainment

Whether it’s a glass of vintage champagne sipped in comfortable privacy or a room at one of London’s most reputable 5* hotels, Category A Services is committed to providing a truly exceptional and first class service as part of our tailor-made VIP Hotels & Entertainmentconcierge services.

The range of luxury and VIP services we can offer is far reaching. We can arrange bookings in London’s finest hotels, restaurants and theatre houses as well as more special experiences such as exclusive sporting events and evenings at the opera.

Our extensive range of contacts extend into many circles and we are able to arrange VIP bookings at some of the finest establishments and private members’ only clubs London has to offer. We will do everything from book your reservation and to getting you there and back with the comfort and safety you are accustomed to.

For clients new to the city or at a loss for suitable ideas we can make recommendations and ensure only the finest venues offering the highest levels of VIP customer service make the suggested itinerary.

Our hotels and entertainment services often come hand in hand with our transport services as we ensure clients arrive at their chosen venues in comfort and class. In addition to regular reservations and bookings we can make arrangements for private dining and events and we can also find those discreet yet stylish bars and clubs which are ideal for your unique needs.

We want to ensure each client enjoys their experience in London, whether as a one-time or a regular visitor and this involves ensuring every patron is able to access their chosen source of entertainment with ease.

If you would like to discuss our tailor-made hotel and entertainment services please get in touch.